Players click a sign that sends them a list of all online players, the players then can click on them to bring up a menu to add a bounty 10 20 30 40 50 gold. When a player has a bounty on their head the person who kills them recieves the gold over their head. When a player has a large enough bounty (50) the player will drop their head and no gold. if the bounty is 100 they will recieve 50 gold and a head.

Players can set bounties on other players for a price to reward players for slaying that target. A player can set a bounty with gold ingots and the player will receive the ingots upon that players PVP death.

You can set a bounty on a player with &c/bounty&7.
Slaying an enemy with a bounty has a chance of decapitating the head.

Bounty hunter when you make a big enough bounty the player marked will receive a head 20 gold bounty -> 15 gold and head on kill

upon reaching 100 gold the player will drop their playerhead.

players will click

Datapack Features

Upcoming Changes

Debug Commands
/loot give @s loot nutiler:bounty_board/item/prison_location
/loot give @s loot nutiler:bounty_board/item/exit_location
/loot give @s loot nutiler:bounty_board/item/bounty_assigner
/loot give @s loot nutiler:bounty_board/item/bounty_board