This datapack focuses on new crafting recipies for shortcuts, uncrafting, quantity, and previously unobtainable items.

Extended Crafting also alters smelting recipes for furnace, smoker, and blast_furnace. Items such as rotten_flesh can smelt into leather.

The stonecutter can cut planks to easily make wooden items.

Stone, glass, sandstone, terracotta, It also adds a couple of plant recipes to the Smoker - popped chorus fruit, green dye, lime dye.

stonecutter works with wood
wood now 4:4 wood back to logs
coal / charcoal creates black dye
book can be crafted with black dye
Sweet berries can be crafted into red dye
bamboo to jungle wood
make lantern give 2
2 gravel for flint

extended furnace leather,

increased yeild *_fence 4:3, *_stair 4:8 lantern 1:2, iron_bars 8:6

better dyes bed
undo dyes water_bucket, potion, ice, packed_ice, blue_ice, snow

all rocks all stone clay, stone_bricks, smooth_stone, mossy_cobblestone, mossy_stone_bricks, cracked_stone_bricks, chiseled_stone_bricks, end_stone, end_stone_bricks, netherrack, nether_bricks, red_nether_bricks, smooth_sandstone, chiseled_sandstone, cut_sandstone, smooth_red_sandstone, chiseled_red_sandstone, cut_red_sandstone, prismarine, prismarine_bricks, dark_prismarine

*terracotta / concrete?

all_rocks added to Brewing Stand, Dispenser, Dropper, Lever, Observer, Piston, Redstone Comparator, Redstone Repeater, Shortcut Redstone Repeater, Stone Pressure Plate, Stone Button, Stonecutter

*_concrete, *_terracotta, stone, granite, polished_granite, andesite, polished_andesite, diorite, polished_diorite, cobblestone, sandstone, red_sandstone


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/recipe give *?