Pig Combatant
Demonic Pig
Brutal Pig
{id:"minecraft:bone",Count:1b} (HEAD)
Battlemaster Pig

if multiple mobs of the same type in lets say a 3x3 or 5x5 region one of the mobs is killed and the other mob gets stronger. Each rank of a ‘stronger’ mob they will be given increased health, damage, and armor, along with a nametag.

Once a mob has been stacked that mob is now the primary, mobs that are near the primary mob are slain and the primary mob increases in power. Upon stacking with 5 other mobs it’s reached it’s maximum power and will not stack with other mobs.

Some mobs can get “upgraded” or “merged” if they walk into eachother. This could prevent lag, and makes mobs more difficult. There would be a limit of around 5 stacked mobs at once. Each time a mob is merged, it will get 10 more health (5 hearts), 10% more attack damage and 5% more speed.

No once combined they’re stuck forever

like “zombie” + 'zombie" could be “zombie captain” with like a sword

Mob stacker continued: Creeper 2 Vicious Creeper 3 Furious Creeper 4 Wrathful Creeper 5 (charged creeper with speed) Cataclysmic Creeper Skeleton 2 Skeleton Seeker 3 Skeleton Sharpshooter 4 Skeleton Predator 5 Skeleton Deathlord custom drop tables for stacked mobs. Meged Mobs drop better loot, exp, or advancement points Prevent mobs who have received or dealt damage from stacking stacked mobs nameplates only show when looked at named mobs despawn

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