StormHeart Mechanics

Advancement Menu and minor block modifications. Extended experience from new tasks. This resource also has action-bar information added on utility items.

jigsaw instead of piston
crossbow instead of bow
red wool > red dye
heart of sea (iceball)

Chicken Shedding Chickens have a 20% chance of shedding a feather while laying an egg. from bomber pack

throwing anything dyed into cauldron strips color


feathers from leaves? all leaves drop apples

soul bound item, item kept on death

Map art for message board at spawn

3x3 sapplings = enchanted sappliong to make (possibly) custom trees spawn from saplings?

Compasses show how far you are away from your bed point in blocks when held in hand, shift to cycle through different points?

Trees growing will accelerate growth of anything around them (possibly not other saplings), turning dirt to grass, crops a stage up etc

Shulkers can summon endermites.



Under Development


This resource is created for |’s servers.
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