warp-keystones #done save current location, teleport to spawn, ability to reactivate to return to where you were. Craft-able teleportation item that teleports the player to spawn, takes 20 seconds to use without taking damage. #requested Returning keystone has the cords in the lore of the item so players can sell the warp. If a player walks away from the 5x5 initial area of starting the teleport it cancels. Right click with the item or [f] triggers the activation. Bossbar showing time remaining to warp ‘do not interrupt’ ‘warp initailizing’ ect… Make banner pattern enchanted without showing ‘infinity’ Slowness during teleport sequence. 2 seconds of blindness and 1 second of slowness (to allow chunks to load) when successfully warped.

/loot give @s loot nutiler:warp_keystone/item/city_marker
You can also edit the teleportation time inside /data/nutiler/functions/warp_keystone/config.mcfunction

add pickup delay nbt for the duration give the item on warp to spawn to the person, only let the thrower pick it up

Slowness & Blindness when teleport, Moving will interrupt the teleportation