To prevent constant griefing and builds players can claim chunks of land. The land is claimed by placing a gold block in the region and paying a price of gold to claim it. Once claimed other players in those chunks would be converted to adventure mode while in someone elses chunk, mob-greifing, tnt, firespread are also disabled in this chunk. For aggressive players that want to cause harm to other players, they can over-claim a chunk by spending gold resources on a gold block adjacent to the chunk they want to overclaim. Players can increase the price of their chunk by placing more gold blocks on their chunk to prevent players from taking it over.

Example: https://gyazo.com/eb57e4cbd4a3284005b45d342016a237

You can kill the TNT and disable a bunch of the mobs (like turning a Creepers power to 0) but is not perfect by any means.

Then I have a few more mostly clarification questions: Are they supposed to claim one chunk with one gold block or can they claim more? How exactly does the overturning work? Can I get my gold back out? “Price of gold” in the form of nuggets, ingots, blocks, tools, all of the above? “One chunk” as in 16x16x256 area? Also, “one chunk” as in “around the goldblock” or “actually aligned with the chunk borders”?

So the idea is if they can afford chunks they can claim them lets say a default chunk requires 1 gold block (to bring up the UI) and 16 gold to actually claim it. Breaking the gold block will unclaim the land if there are no more gold blocks on the chunk and what spent is lost. To simplify things we will only be using the price of gold in ingots / blocks . I think using default chunk borders would be the easiest solution like 16x16x256.(edited)

I would like to add a feature to [invite] a player to not be turned into adventure mode while on that chunk with them

nd to take over someones claim you put a gold block in the chunk next to the one you want and it’ll say like [Attack Protected Chunk] and the gold you pay will just un-claim and destroy the gold on the protected chunk.

I created a UI with the click events: /trigger gold_claim, /trigger gold_invite, /trigger gold_title, /trigger gold_display Clicking claim will charge you the gold to claim it. Placing more gold in the chunk will reinforce the chunk. Inviting- invite or kick the nearest player from the persons claims (all are connected like factions) display show the chunk boarders of claimed stuff.

it includes functionalities for different ticking speeds that you can easily hook into using function tags, that currently allow you to automatically run your functions every other tick, every second or even every minute.

it also currently includes a bunch of utilities such as temporary objectives, a global player_id system, a random number generator using two different methods as well as two hooks to run functions on a returning player as well as a brand new player

all the utilities have a README file that explains how to use them. I forgot to add them to the clock part of the pack, but i can add those as well if needed.

no, so you can’t have more than 20 active gold blocks
20 claims wherever you want

or be part of 20 claims

if you place a gold block it will ask you if you want to use that gold block to claim that chunk. once claimed, you can throw golden items next to the gold block to “strengthen” it (which doesn’t do anything as of yet except for counting up its power level: 1 per nugget, 10 per ingot, 100 per block. I figured it’s a nice way for multiple reasons: 1: bonus for using crafted items (10 points instead of 9) and 2: nice round numbers so you know exactly how much gold you need) players that aren’t the player are put into adventure mode once they enter that chunk. I didn’t make the “if you’re only looking at that area you are set to adventure mode” because that is very spammy if the send command feedback gamerule isn’t turned off. and also it’s pretty heavy on the server and might be confusing for players why they get constantly switched between gamemodes.

and now I want to ask you what else i should add. because the UI you created doesn’t really work anymore (claim is done when placing the gold block, invites aren’t a thing yet, not sure why title is even interesting and display works. I was thinking some form to activate/deactivate the protection could work. Also, a submenu to attack, depending on the different directions. For that we’d need to decide how attacking actually works. do you just need more gold? does that value get drained from yours? what actually happens with the overtaken one? which ones can you actually overtake (diagonal or only straight, …)? etc. oh also, only the owner can access the menu

you place a gold block and it asks you if you want to use it to claim something. placing additional gold blocks in that chunk doesn’t do anything. you can reach ~5 block inwards yes. I can change that (removing them might be an issue tho), but didn’t you say you didn’t want to make the gold blocks retrievable? does it remove my 10 gold blocks that i needed to attack you or do I get to keep them?

It spends the gold blocks on the attack

I was thinking all gold was physical so if the base has 20 gold blocks sitting in a room on that chunk

and they’re about to get raided they could mine out like 19 blocks and flee or sit there and wait for the attack to destroy all 20 blocks

players can increase the price of their chunk by placing more gold blocks on their chunk

X = enemy chunk
O = your chunk

X has 1000 power
O has 100 power (newly claimed to prepare for attack)


O adds 900 power, now both chunks have 1000 power.
O attacks NORTH for 1000. 


Both chunks are unclaimed since power is spent to attack.

But basically how it works is there are two aecs per claim: one that is at the claim position itself. This is the one that checks for gold being thrown at it and players crouching and all that good stuff. The other one marks the corner of the chunk at y level 0. That one is responsible for the display of the chunks as well as everything that checks for position related things such as placing more gold blocks, walking in and out of the protected area and displaying the chunks on the map

set the title name to the item in yoru hand

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