The rich nutrience of the land have created rich and dense veins to mine. Weak tools are now less effective against stone and ores. When mining an ore with punching, wood, and stone pickaxes the deposits will take multiple breakthroughs to remove. Players will need to resort to caving or exposed resources for supplies early on. When stone is mined it will break down into cobblestone and then mined a second time to destroy it.

Datapack Features

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Developer Notes

Check if player is holding a “bad tool” (Empty hand, Wooden Pickaxe, etc.)
Fire a raycast from player eyes until it hit “mining related block” (stone, ores)
/tag the ray with the id of the block it’s in.
Leave the raycast sit for 1 more tick.
Before remove it from the world check if the current block is still the same as what you /tag it before.
If not then that block have been mined.
If the block have been mined and that block is ore type then /setblock to stone.
If the block have been mined and that block is stone type then /setblock to cobblestone.