Reduced Resources creates longer progression for players by removing smithing ore to ingots. Ingots are now replaced by nuggets and with nuggets players can now craft chainmail. Diamonds have been reduced 4:1 mining ore will grant players diamond fragments to craft into a regular diamond. All blocks, loot - tables, and entities have been adjusted acordingly.

Increase the time it takes players to full progress and increases the rarity of certain items. The rugged terrain on stormheart makes raw materials harder to process, diamonds are broken into shards and require 4 shards to create a full diamond.

Building materials that use iron and gold have been altered to nuggets.

Emeralds are more common and can be found in all biomes, learn about how to transmute-emeralds on that packages’ wiki.

Rotten flesh is now used to create leather by smelting it in a furnace. To shorten cook times try using an upgraded furnace.

Item Average Changed
Diamond 1 .25 shard
Iron 1 .11% nugget
Gold 1 .11 nugget
Redstone 4.5 1.5
Lapis 6 2

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