Crafting recipies for shortcuts, uncrafting, tweaks, updates, spawn eggs, and more. All crafting recipies can be found in this documentation.

adds the material smelting recipes that a normal furnace has, like stone, glass, sandstone, terracotta, etc. It also adds a couple of plant recipes to the Smoker - popped chorus fruit, green dye, lime dye.

stonecutter works with wood
wood now 4:4 wood back to logs
coal / charcoal creates black dye
book can be crafted with black dye
Sweet berries can be crafted into red dye
bamboo to jungle wood
bamboo to paper
stick to oak planks
make lantern give 2
2 gravel for flint

extended furnace rotten_flesh leather,

increased yeild *_fence 4:3, *_stair 4:8 lantern 1:2, iron_bars 8:6

better dyes bed
undo dyes water_bucket, potion, ice, packed_ice, blue_ice, snow

all rocks all stone clay, stone_bricks, smooth_stone, mossy_cobblestone, mossy_stone_bricks, cracked_stone_bricks, chiseled_stone_bricks, end_stone, end_stone_bricks, netherrack, nether_bricks, red_nether_bricks, smooth_sandstone, chiseled_sandstone, cut_sandstone, smooth_red_sandstone, chiseled_red_sandstone, cut_red_sandstone, prismarine, prismarine_bricks, dark_prismarine

*terracotta / concrete?

all_rocks added to Brewing Stand, Dispenser, Dropper, Lever, Observer, Piston, Redstone Comparator, Redstone Repeater, Shortcut Redstone Repeater, Stone Pressure Plate, Stone Button, Stonecutter

*_concrete, *_terracotta, stone, granite, polished_granite, andesite, polished_andesite, diorite, polished_diorite, cobblestone, sandstone, red_sandstone


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