rare chance to receive iron_nugget from ores that dont drop ore (redstone,lapis-coal-emerald-diamond} lets say 1% for coal, 2% redstone 3% lapis 4% for emerald 5% for diamond

Right click gravel with shovel to pick out flint or give nothing (50%) from it, and turn it into sand.

Drops for minecraft:grass

item % item %
nothing 50% cactus 1%
wheat seeds 20% sugarcane 1%
pumpkin seeds 2% bamboo 1%
melon seeds 3% mushrooms 1%
beetroot seeds 2% cocoa beans 1%
carrot 2% leaves 5%
potato 2% land grasses 5%
sweetberries 2% ocean grasses 3%

leaves: vinesoak_leaves spruce_leaves birch_leaves jungle_leaves acacia_leaves dark_oak_leaves
land grass: dead_bush fern grass
sea grass: kelp, seagrass, lilypad, seapickle
mushrooms: red_mushroom, brown_mushroom
leave_ blocks drop apples


Redstone, lapis and diamonds ores have a small chance of dropping living emeralds

gold is way too rare- alternative ways to find gold ore / nuggets? gold panning??? rare chance from other ores