This pack is a remake of Kirill’s better-fire.

Upon walking too close to fire you will eventually catch on fire if you recieve too much heat.

Players near fire recieve a visual bossbar that shows the heat meeter. Players recieve heat every tick they are standing within 3 blocks of fire or lava. Upon maxing out your heat you will catch on fire.

Fire spreading quickly has a change to crackle and create a tiny witherskull explosion. Natural resources burnt have a chance of turning into ashe (white_concrete_powder) to give a smouldering effect. Fire generates new particles and embers lingering around can catch the player on fire for a breif period of time. Fire spreads and burns out much more quickly and has a limit to the maximum amount of blocks a single starting location of fire can make.

Now fires are more intense looking and more intense hurting. Smoke, temperature, and ash now all are mechanics that fire have.

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Datapack Features