Humanity is an in-game statistic that determines whether a player is a player killer as well as being a general indicator of how well a player interacts with others. A player starts with a humanity level of 250. Humanity changes the player’s name color. Players killing bad players (negative humanity) will gain humanity while killing regular players (positive humanity) will lose humanity.

# Humanity Score
Being near players with negative humanity decrease your humanity.
Being near players with positive humanity increases humanity.
Igniting TNT decreases humanity.
Hurting players decrease humanity.
Killing someone with negative humanity +100.
Killing someone with 0 or positive humanity -100.
Dying with positive humanity -100.
Dying with negative humanity +100.
# Name Colors 
&4 -10000 Lowest Humanity level 
&c -5000 &6 -2500
&e -1000
&7 250 Starting Humanity
&f 1000
&a 2500
&2 5000
&b 7500
&3 10000 Highest Humanity Level

to-do: Killing Villagers loses humanity, Killing Zombie / Skeleton / Creeper gains humanity. Prefixes or hover over a name to show humanity? Mouseover name stats?
bugs: Make lighting TNT lose humanity instead of placing TNT. Meter skips from yellow to dark_red.

- Killing Villagers loses humanity.
- Make lighting TNT lose humanity instead of placing TNT.
- Remove Speed particles on good.