“Boss mobs” that spawn 1-2 times a night, all over the world (using spreadplayers). These are basically random encounters, and could be a fun fight

Adding to this, random encounters that spawn every now and then throughout the world (possibly near players) and despawn after a few minutes. These could range from villager NPCs needing your help for something, to bandit attacks that try to “toll” the player 10% of their valuable resources on hand (would count gold, iron, diamonds, and would say stuff like 'Ay you! Gimme 1 diamond and half 'yer iron!)

mob-abilities Monster Abilities Make basic mobs have abilities like spiders use the web skill and traps players. Spiders: Trap the player in webs. Slimes can merge once every 25 seconds. This gives an incentive for players to quickly kill them (to cut down on lag) and to make them more difficult. This will also allow ultra large slimes to occur naturally. Creepers could have a paralysis ray (guardian laser) to slow the player down. Shulkers can summon endermites. https://streamable.com/qavq2 - mob-abilities Slimes can stick players to the ground, giving them slowness and the inability to jump. They do this at the cost of a size level, they will shrink every time they attack the player. The slime will play an explosion effect, shed some slime particles off its body and the player will hear squishy noises and have slime particles at their feet for the duration of the effect - Slime-merging (I think I suggested this before lol) slimes can be merged together if they’re not near the player, and have lived for a long time. This would encourage PVE more as small slimes would slowly merge into bigger slimes. Would also enable “super slimes” which could break blocks - Iron golems can use the ripple ability to attack or to break blocks. They make a clanging sound when activating this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GyrYrgqR0A&feature=youtu.be

Compasses show how far you are away from your bed point in blocks when held in hand, shift to cycle through different points?