operator-tools creative on login don’t drop items on death

added to what said above @4P5 admins only should have a trigger activated on login which keeps them in gmc for 20 seconds and require a number to be entered into a trigger /trigger adminlogin set 28292 to stay in gmc… or inventory cleared? and survival set?

any illegal items will be removed from the world after 5 seconds. These include barriers, command blocks structure voids etc (only in item form though)

That, or maybe just when an admin dies their stuff is either 1 teleported to them when they respawn or 2 destroyed forever

deop on logout
reop by typing a pin
/trigger AdminLog set 38284

function for quick links like /function link:map that results in tellraw -> https://map.discord.stormheart.net/(edited)

admin warps /fuction warp:spawn

winscp quicklinks for pack customization